jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

Our students are learning how to express food likes and dislikes, and asking and answering "Do you like _______?" questions. We love dancing and singing these songs. Let´s do it!!!

domingo, 25 de febrero de 2018


Our students are learning the vocabulary of food  and saying what we like and what we dislike with this song that we love singing and dancing 😄

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Carnival, Saint Valentine and Pancake day!

And so, in February we did a lot of things too!

The first one was Saint Valentine; we had a good time writing love sentences and decorating.

After that, we did hearts and little by little...a really big heart!

Then, Carnival cames and we enjoy it doing some masks!
They are very creative, aren't them?

I forgot to tell you... I was a clown; but we were princess, spiderman... everything is possible in CARNIVAL!

To finish with the celebrations we have Pancake day!
It is the day before Ash Wednesday and we traditionally eat pancakes after flipping them in our pans!

We did some races, and then....mmm

They were delicious!

To finish, during these three months we have been working with our favourites...


Here you are the videos, to dance them at home!

This March is coming full of surprises; we have started a new project! 
We love learning in English!

English is FUN!

See you!

January, February... cool!

After Christmas break a lot of celebrations came!

But we also have time to read books and work with them!

Our favourite book from January was "the very hungry caterpillar! 

We learnt different food and we wrote them in the different days of the week! Look at our crafts!

They are very cute caterpillar, aren't they?

And another activity we did was a mural to review the new vocabulary; rock, river, mountain, rainbow... we learn about environment! We love being conscious!

My children are the best teachers ever!

Hope you liked it!
See you soon!


Hello again sweeties!

I have too much to tell you about our last months. Let's do it!


It was a great month, we all love Christmas time and learning English doing crafts is much more enrichising! 

To begin with we did some snowmans! Balloons, rice...so easy and very cute!

Look at the pictures!

We also did some Chistrmas bells working with different materials and textures!
And our favourite was doing Santa beard with popcorn! We eat them all! :D

This was our amazing Christmas tree!

See you soon! 
Take care! 

miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2016



Our favourite month is already here and we are going to enjoy it a lot!

This month we have worked a lot: shapes, food, animals, school objects...even we talked about DIWALI!

Do you know what DIWALI is?

Here you are some games to play at home:


And we have worked with days and food in the book:

And we did our caterpillars! LOOK! THEY ARE AMAZING!

Christmas is almost here and we like to watch Christmas videos and songs;

Have a look at the Gingerbread man story!

And let's sing Christmas carols!


domingo, 23 de octubre de 2016


How are you? :)

I'm fine and it's nice to see you!

Here you are some videos that we have been working with in class, hope you like them!

- There are four seasons: 

- Seasons; until seven! But we know more, until 21!
One, two, three....count with me!

- Now, we are working with shapes...everything around us has a shape: circle, triangle, rectangle or square!

But we can't forgert our book, rooftops 2, it's very interesting!
Here you are some songs and games to practice the new vocabulary:

- School materials game for you! Press the link!

                                                      SCHOOL SUBJECTS GAME

- House's room; a song to listen and learn!

See  you soon!!